British Shorthair Cattery


Welcome to Chubbytania Cattery!

The breeders of British Shorthair cats in Ontario, Canada.

We have a small home-based cattery that enables us to give lots of our attention, care, and love to our cats and kittens. We have an extensive knowledge of cat behavior and wellfare. That’s why our kittens are socialized, well trained, and friendly. They enjoy playing and communicating with people. Moreover, they not only have a wonderful personality but also an amazing appearance!

Our queen Galatea was brought here from a famous USA cattery because of her exceptional exterior and individuality. For now she is already a TICA Grand Champion, CCA Champion, and 2015 Best Blue British Shorthair of the Year, 2015 Second Best British Shorthair of the Year! On the other hand, she is a very curious, affectionate and intelligent lady who made us fall in love with this incredible breed!

Chubbytania cattery was registered with the International Cat Association TICA in March, 2014, and we are the oldest British Shorthair cattery in Ottawa. Our cats and kittens are also registered with TICA and CCA. We regularly participate in TICA and CCA shows which ensures us that we breed high quality kittens. Health is a number one priority for us, so our cats and kittens are regularly checked by a veterinarian team and eat only premium quality food.

Our cattery is located in Ottawa, Ontario, and we are specializing in breeding classic blue and rare lilac British Shorthair cats. If you are interested in buying a purebred British Shorthair kitten from us, please visit our Kittens page.

We also have a facebook page where you can find more photos of our cats and kittens and recent updates!

Eve and Konstantin