Chubbytania British Shorthair Cattery


Please read our policy carefully because they contain very important information about the adoption of Chubbytania kittens. We would like to protect the welfare and health of our kittens, so these rules are non-negotiable.

1. Picking up your kitten

Kittens will be ready to leave our cattery at the age of 12-14 weeks (depending on how fast they get mature). We will wait an extra couple of weeks for those who will be flying to their new homes. This allows them to learn appropriate behavior from their mom and develop proper social skills from their siblings. If we feel a kitten is not ready to leave our care, we will change the “go-home” date and notify you.

With each kitten you will get:

  1. Registration certificate
  2. Vaccination, deworming
  3. Full vet's check
  4. Package including food and litter samples
  5. Regular updates and professional photos before a kitten arrives at his/her new home
  6. Follow-up recommendations
  7. Assistance in participation in cat shows
  8. Contract

You must bring a carrier with you when you come to take your kitten home otherwise we will not allow the kitten to leave our house.

2. Choosing a kitten

It is important for us and our kitten to meet future owners before a kitten is taken to a new home. We allow potential owners to come and meet/choose a kitten once they have reached 5-6 weeks of age. It is usually a one-hour visit which lets us get to know you, have the kittens interact and play with you and answer any questions you may have about adopting a kitten. If you can not come to meet your kitten, for a variety of reasons, you can choose your kitten online. However, we highly recommend coming to our cattery in person. If you have young children: please make sure your children know how to behave gently with kittens and properly handle them.

3. Reserving a kitten

Kittens remain available until a holding deposit is received. We do not hold kittens without a deposit. We start to accept deposits when kittens have reached 4 weeks of age. A deposit must be received at the time you choose your kitten. The deposit is non-refundable. We accept cash, certified cheques, and Pay Pal for kitten deposit (service charges are added to the deposit amount if you choose PayPal).

The balance has to be paid in full by the day you pick up your kitten.

4. Waiting list

As the health of our queens and kittens is the most important factor for us, we have a limited amount of kittens per year and they tend to go really quickly. If we do not have available kittens presently, you can be placed on the waiting list. We will contact you as soon as our queen is pregnant and you will know about new kittens first.
Please note that we require a yearly confirmation that you still want to be on the waiting list.

If you would like to be on our waiting list please send us an email describing a kitten you are interested in along with any questions you may have and some information about yourself.

5. Spaying/Neutering

All of our kittens are spayed or neutered prior to their placement.

6. Indoor only

Even though British Shorthairs are medium to large cats, being outdoors is not safe for them because of many reasons.

7. Declawing

We are firmly against the cruelty of declawing. No Chubbytania kitten is permitted to be declawed at any time during his or her life.

8. Kittens with breeding rights

We are extremely cautious in determining eligibility to adopt a kitten with breeding rights, and we do not support backyard breeders.

9. Extended stay boarding

Kitten should be picked up by the age of 14 weeks or within one week of the established “go-home” date. If the kitten has not been picked up by 14 weeks of age, he/she will be resold, or boarding fees will be applied (in case if we already got a full price for the kitten).

10. Our right to refuse

We reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten at any stage of the dialog if we consider that this particular kitten and this particular owner are not compatible, or if any of our adoption rules have been broken. We also reserve the right to keep any kitten from any litter. If we refuse to sell you a kitten after you have placed a deposit, your deposit will be refunded.

11. Contract

To protect our kittens, a contract must be signed by the owner at the time of adoption. This contract will protect not only the breeder but the purchaser and the kitten.